October Mission

Hey Ambassadors!

Brace yourselves – it’s time for the October Mission!!!


Peep this vid for a summary of your next mission 👇👇


Last month, we asked you to watch Twilight and report back on which of Edward’s behaviors were healthy and unhealthy. As we heard from a lot of you, it wasn’t that easy! If you have a hard time understanding when behavior crosses the line, you’re not alone. In fact, 57% of college students admit to having trouble identifying dating abuse. This is exactly why we need your help!


This month, we’d like you to think about a hypothetical situation where it might be hard to tell if your partner’s behavior is abusive. Maybe they’re texting you constantly, and it’s starting to get in the way of your day-to-day life. Or maybe they’re asking you to do something you’re uncomfortable with, and you find yourself having a hard time saying no. Send us an example of a similarly murky situation, and let us know how you would tell whether the behavior is abusive.


Our lil’ blue friends on One Love’s YouTube channel do a pretty good job of explaining how to tell when behavior crosses the line in a variety of tricky scenarios. Check out my fave vid below 👇👇



Can’t wait to see what y’all come up with!


Sally & the That’s Not Cool Team

September Mission

Hey Ambassadors!

Hope you had a relaxing three-day weekend and are ready to gear up for the September Mission!!


Peep this vid for a summary of your next mission 


Last month, we asked you to submit suggestions of movies, TV shows, or songs that depicted healthy or unhealthy relationships. We received a ton of **awesome** suggestions, and we picked one to be the theme of this month’s mission. Aaaaannndddd the winner is…



Though many of us went totally bonkers for Edward and Bella back in middle school, if you look closely, some of Edward’s behaviors are straight-up abusive. In fact, pro psychologists have noted that when Bella’s low self esteem and attraction to violence meets Edward’s insane jealousy and possessiveness, it’s a textbook recipe for an abusive relationship.


This month, we’d like you to watch the first movie of the Twilight series (which is just called Twilight ICYMI). Then, report back with a suggestion of one scene that depicts healthy dating behavior and one scene that depicts behavior that’s not so healthy. These can be the same scene or two different scenes – whichever stands out to you. Once we receive all your suggestions, we’ll use them to start an Ambassador-team-wide convo about how pop culture tries to sell us on unhealthy relationships.👎

Happy watching,


Sally & the That’s Not Cool Team

August Mission

Hey Ambassadors!

Kicking it into high gear now that school’s right around the corner? Us too! This month, we’re trying something a bit more ambitious – a three-parter mega-mission to last us through August, September, and October! The best part? This mission will center around pop culture – movies, T.V. shows, and music videos – so you can put all that summer binge-watching to good use ;).


This month, we’d like you to submit suggestions of movies, episodes of T.V. shows, or music videos that you think have the potential to teach teens something about good relationship practices. Do you ship Hanna and Caleb from PLL? Send us a note about why they’re a cute, healthy couple. Were you mega-creeped out when Robin Thicke trivialized sexual consent in the video for “Blurred Lines”? Jot down the lyrics or scenes you thought totally crossed the line. Don’t forget to send us your thoughts! Share them on our social media channels, in the Ambassador Facebook group, or email them to thatsnotcool@futureswithoutviolence.org.


Once we receive all your suggestions, we’ll pick one to feature next month. For the September mission, we’ll ask all our lovely Ambassadors to watch and think about the winning suggestion. For the October mission, we’ll invite you all to participate in a Twitter chat so you can let us know what you think! The end goal of this three-parter is to start a convo about how pop culture influences our notions of what a healthy relationship looks like, and how we might use pop culture to spread awareness of teen dating violence.


Pop culture is powerful! The stuff we watch and listen to has a big influence on how we think, feel, and act. And sometimes, it can influence us in a pretty harmful way. Researchers have found that a large amount of today’s pop culture glorifies dating abuse, promotes rape culture, and depicts women as sexual objects, and some studies have found that this can cause young people to be more accepting of dating abuse in their own lives.

That’s why it’s on us to set the record straight.

Use this month to give a shout-out to your fave movie that featured an adorable, healthy couple, or to call out a T.V. show for making abuse seem normal or even desirable.


Happy binge-watching,


Sally & the That’s Not Cool Team

July Mission

Hey Ambassadors!

Hope your summer is going wonderfully and that you are taking the time to enjoy yourself and practice some self-care. This July, we thought we’d add a little spice to your summer vacation and have a competition.

What kind of competition? Great question!

It has to do with Respect Effect, our app that is all about challenging ourselves to have healthy relationships. With that in mind, we’d LOVE it if you could come up some really awesome challenges for the app. There are 10 different categories you could create challenges for:

  1. Taking Care of Yourself
  2. Give Yourself High Confidence
  3. Knowing Where to Go for Help
  4. Knowing Where You Feel Safe
  5. Giving Compliments/Acknowledgement
  6. Being a Good Listener
  7. Expressing Your Feelings
  8. Be Compromising and Flexible
  9. Empathy
  10. Setting Boundaries

We’d love it if you could think through some ideas for these categories and submit your challenge ideas over our social media channels, to our email (thatsnotcool@futureswithoutviolence.org), or in the Facebook group. Wherever! If you need some ideas/inspiration for your challenges, make sure to check out the Respect Effect on the Google Play and App Stores.

And! Since this is a competition we will have a very special prize for our winner (whose challenge will be our next featured challenge), and lots of swag for our runners up (5 of you, who will each get there challenge made the challenge of the day).

As always reach out if you have questions. We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Happy Summer!

Andy & the That’s Not Cool Team

June Mission

Hello Ambassadors!


For many of you, school is winding down, and for others it may even be over. Hooray!!! Summer is a great time for y’all to finally (hopefully) have some time to yourself, do some personal projects you normally don’t have time for, get outside, hang out with friends, and do so many of the things that makes life worth living.

It is especially a time for rejuvenation – to recover from the stress of the year, all your hard work, and reboot yourself for what comes next.

So what are you doing to take care of yourself? What are you doing to that is healthy in your relationships? Let us know! That is your challenge for the month.

Snap a pic, share a story, create a graphic (pro-tip: use canva), make a gif (pro-tip: use giphy), share some art you’ve done. Whatever! Make sure to share what you’ve done on your social media and share it with us on our Facebook group.

Also, if you are feeling really adventurous and want to write up a piece of self-care and post it on our stories page, please do so! You can also send it to us and we can post it for you. Some ideas about what write about:

  1. What do you do for Self-Care?
  2. Why is Self Care important?
  3. How can we help each other out to make sure we are taking care of ourselves?
  4. Who helps you take care of yourself? How?

Finally – don’t forget! If you haven’t downloaded our new App, Respect Effect, please do so! We have over 1200 users now and the app is really starting to take off. The posts and engagement on their are really exciting, inspiring, and positive. Check it out!

Happy Summer Y’all

– Andy & the That’s Not Cool Team

 fun summer summer break its finally summer GIF

May Mission

Hello That’s Not Cool Ambassadors!

We hope Spring has finally arrived wherever you are!

Last month, we asked you to download RESPECT EFFECT and start to use it (if you haven’t downloaded it, get to it! You can find it in Google Play and the App Store!). So far we have had over 600 folks download the app, but we need more. So this month, we are asking that you help us spread the word about RESPECT EFFECT to promote healthy and respectful relationships. Some suggestions:

  1. Share information about RESPECT EFFECT on your social media channels.
  2. Share how you are using RESPECT EFFECT with your friends and family and ask them to download the app.
  3. Talk to your teacher and see if you can use the challenges in RESPECT EFFECT as part of classroom activities.
  4. Take the challenges from RESPECT EFFECT out into the real world, and challenge your friends and family to do some of them with you.

Have a wonderful month! And enjoy RESPECT EFFECT!

– Andy & the That’s Not Cool Team

April Mission

Happy April Ambassadors!

The day has finally arrived. We are so excited to announce that That’s Not Cool’s new app, RESPECT EFFECT is available for download!

We want you, the That’s Not Cool Ambassadors, to be the first to try it out. So much so, that we’re making this your mission for April: download the Respect Effect app and begin completing challenges!

Respect Effect is live both on the Android and Apple App Stores — just search “Respect Effect”. Or, here are the web links to the app:

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.futureswithoutviolence.respecteffect&hl=en

Apple: https://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/respect-effect/id994909444?mt=8

Respect Effect is easy to use and a fun way to promote healthy, respectful, relationships through daily challenges. Check it out and feel free to share with your friends and family. We hope you enjoy it!

– Andy & the That’s Not Cool Team

March Mission

Hi Ambassadors,

We hope Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (TDVAM) was a success for you and your schools and communities!

It is now March, a month of transition from the short days of winter to the longer and warm, yet crisp, days of spring. Spring is a season of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection, and regrowth – themes that fit well after our hard work during TDVAM and before Sexual Assault Awareness Month next month.

So for this month’s mission I want to focus on healing. As many of you know, healing is vital to a vision of a world without teen dating and other forms of violence. How can we, either ourselves or in support of another, rejuvenate from our work and renew and rebirth ourselves from prior violent experiences? Here are some resources from Love is Respect on self-care and recovering from abusive relationships.

And now on to your mission choices for the month!

  1. Create a healing playlist and share it on social media (use the hashtag #healing).
  2. Make a self-care plan for yourself (check out this great resource!).
  3. Find out how your school promotes healing and self-care. Talk to your school counselor and nurse to see if they are talking about this with students and find our the resources that they have to give to students. If you don’t think it is enough, take action, encouraging them to brush up on these skills, collect resources, and/or talking to the administration for them to take action. If you want to do this but have questions, of course reach out to us at That’s Not Cool.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions. And on a side note: we are getting very close to the release of our new app, Respect Effect! More information to come.


Andy and the That’s Not Cool team

February Missions

Hello Ambassadors!

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (TDVAM) is here! I don’t have to tell you how much of a problem dating violence is for teens and young adults. TDVAM is our opportunity to continue to spread the word and organize for change within our schools and communities, particularly since teen dating violence gets a lot of press this month (that is the point after all!!).

Because of the importance of TDVAM we have FIVE (yes, FIVE) missions for you this month. Don’t fret too much over trying to complete them all (that would be AWESOME if you did though). Rather, do as many as you can or are interested in. These missions are designed to spark conversations around teen dating violence between students and adults and to provide resources to everyone:

  • Feb 1: Watch Audrie & Daisy (available on Netflix) with a parent or other trusted adult and have a conversation. Use the Audrie & Daisy discussion guide (available at: http://www.audrieanddaisy.com/watch-and-discuss/discussion-guide-for-parents/). Be sure to post a photo on social media, tag That’s Not Cool, and use the #teenDVmonth and #AudrieandDaisy hashtags.
  • Feb 6: Host an event to chalk up on a sidewalk or other space at your school (be sure to get permission first!) with your ideas on what healthy relationships are, and what people need to make them possible. Be creative! Post pictures of your chalk art on social media and tag That’s Not Cool using the hashtags #ChalkAboutLove and #teenDVmonth
  • Feb 13: Host a tabling event at your school and share the Teen Safety Card, Hanging Out or Hooking Up, (available at: http://www.futureswithoutviolence.org/hanging-out-or-hooking-up-teen-safety-card/) and other resources (find ‘em on thatsnotcool.com in the Ambassador section – and ask for ideas!). Share pictures of your fellow students and your teachers checking the card out and share on social media by tagging That’s Not Cool and using the #teenDVmonth hashtag.
  • Feb 20: Spread the word on social media about what Healthy Relationships mean to you and, of course, tag That’s Not Cool and use the hashtags #BTCRealTalk and #teenDVmonth:
    • Create a playlist of songs that, to you, define healthy relationships
    • Write a letter to an ex telling them the things you learned and wished you could have changed about your relationship
    • Host a discussion about boundaries and consent in relationships
    • Or anything else you come up with. Be creative!
  • Feb 27: Host an Audrie & Daisy screening in your school! Talk with your teachers and administration about holding a screening at your school, sharing with them the discussion guides available online (http://www.audrieanddaisy.com/watch-and-discuss/discussion-guide-for-screenings/). Tips on holding the screening can also be found at this link. As always, share on social media by tagging That’s Not Cool and using the hashtags #teenDVmonth and #AudrieandDaisy.

Also, we are hosting some weekend “challenges” as an extra bonus of ideas for you to get involved this month. These, unlike the missions though, will be available to all. But you get a sneak peak!:

  • Feb 3: Spark up a conversation with a parent or trusted adult on healthy relationships: what they are, what they mean, and how to create them. Post a picture of you two talking on social media and tag That’s Not Cool and use the hashtags #IT3W and #teenDVmonth
  • Feb 10: Find a V-Day event in your area and attend! A complete list of events can be found at http://vspot.vday.org/vday/events. Be sure to post on social media when you are there by tagging That’s Not Cool and using the hashtags #teenDVmonth and #VDay. Learn more about V-Day at www.vday.org.
  • Feb 17: Community Care weekend! You’ve been busy. Take care of yourself and others by doing an activity that rejuvenates your spirit and energy. Go for a hike, play in the snow, check out a movie, eat a delicious meal, have a tea party – whatever! Just make sure you share how you take care of yourself and others on social media with the hashtag #teenDVmonth
  • Feb 24: Create a list of the qualities you want in a partner and share it on social media by tagging That’s Not Cool and using #teenDVmonth hashtag.

Once again, make sure you are sharing on social media! Also, whatever you end up doing it would be awesome if you could share it on the That’s Not Cool website under Ambassador stories and the Mission pages. As always, we are available for questions and ideas – just let us know!

Good luck to all of you and I am excited to see what you all end up doing for TDVAM.



Sarah Lurie

Healthy Attitude Playlist!-Fight Song by Rachel Platten-Crazy Beautiful Life … more

December Mission

Hey Ambassadors!

I hope everyone had a nice break last week and a ready for a more extended break coming up soon!

During this time of the year we often have a lot of wishes: we wish for a cool gift, to be with our families, or for a better world. With that in mind, I thought we could think about what we wish for in our relationships.

For this months mission we really want you to be thinking about these questions: What does a healthy relationship mean to you? What do you need to feel safe and cared for in your relationship? What does a relationship need in order to be “healthy”? How can people help each other out in their relationships? How can we educate folks on healthy relationships?

The best part is we want you to post your responses as creatively as you can. This could be through an art piece, a short video, photos, song, poetry, a short story, essay, or blog – whatever! However you like to express yourself is great! And for those creatively challenged folks (such as myself), feel free to simply state your wishes in Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (or any other social media platform really).

We’ve thought up a hashtag for this campaign (#HRwishes) for whatever you post. Whatever, and whenever you post, be sure to use this hashtag and lets see if we can get something going on social media that highlights the importance of healthy relationships!

As always, please ask if you have any questions.

Happy Holidays!

– Andy and the That’s Not Cool Team

Sarah Lurie

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November Mission

Hey Ambassadors!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous, and respectful, school year!

For this month’s mission I want to focus on trying to make change in our schools. With that in mind, this month’s challenge has three parts to it:

  1. Figure out something that needs to change in your school to promote healthy relationships. This could mean a change in your school policies with cyberbullying and harassment, the inclusion of sexual harassment, assault, and/or healthy relationship topics in health classes, or something else. What needs to be done will be different for each school. This is also a great opportunity to talk to others in your school and see what they think about what needs to change.
  2. Figure out who you need to reach in order to make this change. It could be a principal, teacher, superintendent, PTA, or a combination of folks.
  3. Let us know! Tell us what needs to change in your school in the Facebook group or in the Ambassador stories page on thatsnotcool.com.

Successful completion of this mission will net you 15 points!

PLEASE let us know if you have any questions. Our December mission will build on this one and together we can start to work towards change in our schools!

Best of luck!

– Andy and the That’s Not Cool Team

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Sarah Lurie

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October Mission

Hey Ambassadors!

We hope that your school year is off to a fantastic start so far! October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) and we thought it would be awesome for you all to help raise awareness in your school community.

We are offering three options for this months Mission:

  1. Share this digital dating abuse infographic, or this hanging out or hooking up poster, in your social media circles and encourage others to do the same. (5 Ambassador Points)
  2. or, Print out the either of these as posters and put them up around your school (with your school’s permission of course). (10 Ambassador Points)
  3. or, Do both! (15 Ambassador Points)

When sharing over social media be sure to tag That’s Not Cool in your social media post (@thatsnotcool) and use the hashtag #DVAM. If you put up a poster, snap a pic and post it here on the Mission page of our website and on the Ambassador facebook page.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us.

Happy fall y’all!

– Andy and the That’s Not Cool Team


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September Mission

Hey Ambassadors!

We hope you all have had an epic summer break! Here’s your September back-to-school Mission!

An important part of being a That’s Not Cool Ambassador is to raise awareness around dating abuse and unhealthy relationships. Therefore, this month’s Mission is to start conversations about these issues with people in your school.

You have two options to choose from to complete this Mission;

  1. Talk with your teacher or friends and plan a viewing and discussion of the documentary Audrie & Daisy in October to highlight the Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Or, gather a group of people from your school and watch the trailer together and talk about the topics it brings up around dating violence and social media bullying.
  1. Host a casual lunch discussion at school with your friends, peers and/or younger students about dating and healthy relationships. Use the Table Talk Guide in your Ambassador Toolkit (Leader level) for instructions and a conversation guide.

Send us a picture of your film screening or discussion and tell us how it went! You’ll receive 15 Ambassador Points for completing this Mission.

We are so impressed by the amazing work you all have been doing lately and we can’t wait to hear more! Don’t hesitate to email us if you have any questions.

– Linn and the That’s Not Cool Team

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August Mission

Hey Ambassadors!

Get ready for your August Mission…and the chance to win cool swag!

When we talk about what’s cool or not in a relationship, we like to use a bit of humor. Now it’s your turn! Your August Mission is to create a That’s Not Cool graphic that displays an unhealthy relationship behavior in a funny and creative way. Check out our Tumblr or Instagram for inspiration! Feel free to use photos, memes, text, gifs, illustrations etc.

**If you complete this Mission you’ll be added to the raffle where you have a chance to win an awesome TNC t-shirt!**  We will announce two winners at the end of this month. Also, this Mission gives you 10 Ambassador Points!!

Psst.! A pro tip is to use free websites like canva.com or giphy.com to make your graphics or gifs.

Don’t forget to share your piece here and in our FB group!

Can’t wait to see all the fun stuff y’all come up with!

-Linn and the That’s Not Cool Team



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McKenzie Fedyshyn


Sarah Lurie

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July Mission

Hey Ambassadors!

Hope you’re having an amazing summer break! Summertime is all about kicking back and unwinding a bit, so make sure to take care of yourself a little extra right now – you deserve it! We wanted this month’s Mission to focus on exactly that – what you’re doing to feel good and relaxed this summer.

Your July Mission is to tell us how your summer self-care is looking like. Maybe you’re doing yoga, reading books, trying out a new hobby or spending more quality time with your BFF. Whatever it is, we want to hear about it!

Send us a pic of what you’re doing to up your summer self-care game, and don’t forget to share it in our Facebook group! Completing this Mission will give you 5 points.

Take care and have an awesome rest of your summer!

– Linn and the That’s Not Cool Team.

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June Mission

Hey Ambassadors!

Exciting news! We have updated the Ambassador Toolkit and created a cool new way for you to level up through the different Ambassador stages. Each stage requires you to collect a certain amount of points. Starting now, you will receive these points by completing our Ambassador Missions. Every completed Mission will give you either 5, 10 or 15 points!

Keep track of the total amount of points you’ve collected! When you have enough points to level up, reach out to us and we will move you to the next Ambassador stage.

Check out the Toolkit for more details and information!

Your June Mission is to complete at least one of the actions suggested in your new Toolkit (it can be from any of the stages). Share what you did with us online and tag it #TNCAmbassador! Completing this Mission will give you 5 points.

Go right ahead and start collecting points! As always, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

– Linn and the That’s Not Cool team

here's your new ambassador toolkit!

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May Mission

Hey Ambassadors!

Get ready – here’s your May Mission!

This month your Mission is to promote healthy relationships by using the hashtag #Thatssocool.

What do you think is cool in a relationship? Showing respect? Good communication? Setting boundaries? Let us know by writing down your statement with the hashtag #Thatssocool, taking a selfie (of course optional!) and sharing it on social media! And don’t forget to post your photo under Missions on our website and in our Ambassador FB group!

We will repost your awesome submissions on That’s Not Cool’s Instagram.

Y’all rock for being upstanders for respectful and healthy relationships!

– The That’s Not Cool Team

IMG_9385  IMG_9386


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Linn B Hellerstrom

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McKenzie Fedyshyn

#thatssocool May Mission… more

Linn B Hellerstrom

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April Mission

Hey Ambassadors!

We’re pumped to see that our Ambassador community is continuing to grow! You all are amazing. Here’s your April Mission!

This month we want you to tell us about a cool tech platform (app/website etc.) you know about that are promoting healthy relationship and dating behavior. We want your suggestions of smart tech initiatives that’s focused on building respectful and trusting relationships.

For example; it could be a new Snapchat or Instagram account that’s highlighting healthy dating or an awesome hashtag campaign you’ve seen. Maybe you know about an app that provides great relationship advice or a website that’s sharing resources on where to report dating violence. If you have any own ideas for an app or website along this month’s theme – go ahead and share it with us!

Give us a short description of the platform you think rocks and submit it to us on our Cool Tech section on TNC’s website, post it on our Ambassador Facebook page or send us an email at thatsnotcool@futureswithoutviolence.org. We will share all the submissions in our amazing online community.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or thoughts!

Take care!

Linn and the That’s Not Cool Team



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Linn B Hellerstrom

Story by Lauren Allen. "These apps are ones I have … more

March Mission

Hey Ambassadors!

February was such an exciting month with the Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month campaign! Thank you to everyone who completed February’s Missions, you are awesome.

Since we just launched our new website in February we would love for you to help us get more content up by sharing your questions on Speak Up and/or sharing your stories on Ambassador Stories. Under Speak Up you can ask us questions around online privacy, texting boundaries, communication, pic pressure, spreading rumors or what to do if you think your friend is in an abusive relationship. We’ll answer your questions and post them on the site. We are also asking you to post your stories on the Ambassador Stories page.  You can choose to contribute stories about things you’re doing in your school to raise awareness about teen dating violence and digital abuse, steps you’re taking to create a better you, cool ways you’re using technology to raise awareness or stories about how you or someone you know has given or gotten help.

We really want to share your voices on our website and social media channels (we will retweet your submissions).

Also, take a look at our new tool we’ve created for you – our Ambassador Toolkithttp://bit.ly/1QayUNz. In this toolkit, you’ll find resources and inspiration for how to engage your community in person and online.

Happy March and looking forward to hearing from you!

-The That’s Not Cool Team

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February Mission

Hey Ambassadors!

February is a big month for us. It’s Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, Valentine’s Day, and the official re-launch of our website. We have a lot of exciting things coming this month, so we made a calendar to help you keep track of all the events and to highlight your Ambassador Missions for the month! View the February Ambassador Missions calendar here: http://bit.ly/1QFFsq6.

Because this month is especially important to our movement, we hope that you will rise to the challenge and participate in more than one Ambassador mission! The events in bold on the calendar are the ones we most want you to complete, but all of them are awesome opportunities for you to spread the word in your communities and create change.

Another tool we’ve created for you is our new Ambassador Toolkithttp://bit.ly/1QayUNz. In this toolkit, you’ll find resources for how to engage your community in person and online. It also includes more activities you can do to promote Teen DV Month!

Highlights of the month that you don’t want to miss:

  • Profile picture takeover: change your cover photo or avatar to show support of the movement (downloads available here).
  • Our Twitter chat on Thursday, February 4th at 12 pm PST/3 pm PST with @loveisrespect. We’ll be talking relationships & boundaries – use #teenDVchat to follow along!
  • Wear Orange Day on February 9th. Make sure to share pics with #Orange4Love.
  • Activation on our new website: ask questions on Speak Up, share statistics about teen DV using our TNC Data, and get adults in your life to become advocates in the Adult Allies section.
  • Keep an eye out for special guests on our social media!

Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions! Thank you for your motivation and commitment to spreading the word about healthy relationships.

-The That’s Not Cool Team

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Sarah Hyde

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January Mission

Hey Ambassadors!

Happy New Year! 2015 was big for us. We produced www.coolnotcoolquiz.org, a game that lets you choose what’s cool or not cool in different characters’ storylines. Thanks to you, our ambassador community grew to over 800 people. We also finished our new website and are pretty freaking proud of it. More is to come in 2016 and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Your January mission is to come up with one “resolution” for the month of how you will maintain healthy relationships in your life. This could be your relationships with friends, family, your S.O., or even your relationship with yourself or your relationship with technology. Get creative, share with us online and tag your posts #TNCAmbassadorMission. Your resolution could be many different things, but here are some ideas:

  • Do something nice once a week for your S.O. or best friend and post pics
  • Take a break from technology for 24 hours and then post about how it went
  • Share questions or tips on our Ambassador Facebook page about how to communicate with someone when you’re upset with them and set a goal to use those tips when you have conflict
  • Anything you can think of that will make your relationships happier and healthier!

As always, holla at us if you have any questions/concerns. Thanks for all you do.

-Sarah and the That’s Not Cool team

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December Mission

Hey Ambassadors! There are two parts to your December Mission…

1. Look back on 2015, and write a letter to yourself to be opened in December 2016. Think about the memories you have made, challenges you have faced, and hopes that you have for the future. This is JUST for you, so make it whatever you need it to be. PRO TIP: Store it somewhere safe and set an alert in your phone to remind you to open it on a day in December 2016 (**also in the reminder, put a note about where you stored the letter, that way you can find it if you forget in a year!).

2. Share a photo of a favorite memory with a friend or significant other from 2015 on social media and on our Ambassador Facebook page. In the caption, tell us why that memory with that person is one of your favorites to look back on from the year. **Don’t forget to hashtag #TNCDecemberMission**

Can’t wait to see some of your 2015 memories. Cheers!

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November Mission

Hello Ambassadors! Here is your November Challenge!

After putting some thought into this November Challenge, we decided we wanted you all to be able to focus on doing something for yourselves. You do a lot for your friends and your community around you, and your last couple of challenges have been highly creative and engaging. So this month, go out of your way to be nice to YOU. ‪#‎TreatYoself‬! Seriously.

** You get to decide what this looks like for you: could be getting tickets to a concert you and a friend have been dying to go to, baking yourself some pumpkin chocolate-chip cookies, setting aside non-negotiable time to workout or sleep or Netflix binge. It could look like saying “no” to time commitments or setting boundaries in an area of your life that’s been particularly draining lately. Do something for yourself, whatever you want, and take a picture to share with us! Post on our page, on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and use the hashtag ‪#‎TNCNovemberChallenge‬. **

Keep in mind that self-care isn’t always visible or Instagrammable in the same way that, say, getting a pedicure is. For me, deepest self-care looks like a lot of what is sometimes called “positive self-talk”—acknowledging, affirming and accepting however it is that I’m feeling. I tell myself it’s okay that I’m feeling insecure, or I congratulate myself for doing a really good job. So, it’s totally okay if your November Self-Care Challenge isn’t easily photographed—if you’re comfortable sharing it, just post a sentence or two on our TNC Ambassador Facebook page and let us know what you did and how it went.

You all are freaking inspirational and never stop being you!

October Mission

Fall is in full swing… and October is Domestic Violence Awareness month! Here is your October Ambassador Mission.

Every October, Futures Without Violence puts on a RESPECT! Challenge. This year, the challenge is called #GifRespect. Your mission is to create a gif or meme that demonstrates respect and share it on social media with the hashtag #GifRespect.


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Sarah Hyde

"This project tied in with the #gifRESPECT Challenge in which … more

September Mission

Hey Ambassadors! Here is your September Mission…

We want our online presence to reflect YOU–fun, relevant and exciting. September’s Mission is for you to use your creativity to make an image or graphic we can use on our social media profiles! Towards the end of the month, we’ll create a poll for everyone to vote and choose an image that will be featured on our Ambassador Facebook page, Google+ account, and YouTube account.

Some guidelines: Make sure it’s a high quality image that is in line with TNC’s vision and vibes! Feel free to incorporate photography, painting, graphic design, quotes, ANYTHING you want as long as you submit a digital copy. Recite and Canva are some free design sites to use if you don’t have access to Photoshop, etc. Post them on the Ambassador Facebook page to submit! Don’t forget to add #SeptemberAmbassadorMission to your post. Can’t wait to see what you rockstars come up with.

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Sarah Hyde

"This is a poster I made for my health class. … more

Sarah Hyde

"I used Photoshop to make these pieces for my September … more

Sarah Hyde

"I think we should focus a little bit more on … more

August Mission

Here is your August Ambassador Mission: The Pop Culture Callout!

What are you seeing/hearing/reading this summer that’s cool or not cool? Is there an unhealthy romantic relationship in a certain show that really freaks you out? Have you heard any song lyrics lately that depicted consent or positive relationship boundaries? Is there a story in a book you just can’t put down that relates to what TNC is about?

Here’s your Mission: 1) Once you’ve identified your callout, use social media to call out the negative or positive relationship dynamics you observed. We would love to see you get creative by incorporating gifs, images, etc. and sharing a blurb about your callout on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or making a reaction video on Vine or Youtube. 2) Keep the conversation going! Bring your thoughts up with people in your life and find out what their perspective is. Encourage those around you to become ambassadors and take part in the Mission.

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