Ambassadors are...

  • Anyone, ages 13 – 18, motivated to take action against digital dating abuse in their school or community.
  • Collaborative and flexible, enthusiastic, and energetic.
  • Available for occasional conference calls. Reachable via e-mail or Facebook and phone.
  • Strong leaders.
  • Interested in online social networking.

Ambassadors can...

  • Provide valuable feedback on new concepts for That’s Not Cool.
  • Organize activities in their schools or communities to raise awareness of digital dating abuse and That’s Not Cool.
  • Contribute their unique voices through blog posts, social media, videos, etc.
  • Engage with other Ambassadors from across the country.
  • Add skills and experience to their resumes.

Become an Ambassador

Become an Ambassador and help raise awareness on an issue that affects your friends, family and the community at large. Join our crew of Ambassadors actively preventing digital abuse.

Ambassador Stories

Ambassadors are the heart of That’s Not Cool. Here are some of their stories.


Every month, That’s Not Cool Ambassadors complete Ambassador Missions to raise awareness of digital dating abuse in their schools and communities.

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