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Digitizing Teen Dating Harassment Infographic

INFOGRAPHIC: Digitizing Abuse – Teen Dating Harassment Through Technology

Created by Urban Institute.

Over the overtexting?

FLYER: Over the Overtexting?

Delete Nude Photo Pressure

FLYER: Delete Nude Photo Pressure

Hanging Out or Hooking Up - Safety Card

TEEN SAFETY CARD: Hanging Out or Hooking Up

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TOOLKIT: The Ambassador Toolkit

Take action against teen dating violence!

MANUAL: School and District Policies to Increase Student Safety and Improve School Climate

RESOURCE: Teen Dating Abuse Resource List

TNC Pledge

PLEDGE: That’s Not Cool Pledge

Take a stand against digital abuse — pledge to show respect in your relationships!

FACT SHEET: The Connection Between Dating Violence & Unhealthy Behaviors

TOOLKIT: Interruptive Stunts

These bystander tips will help you interrupt unhealthy situations.

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Teens, Tweens & Dating Violence

FACTSHEET: Tweens, Teens & Dating Violence

Tips and Resources

RESOURCE: Tips for Teen DV Awareness & Prevention Month

TOOLKIT: TNC Social Media Guide

RESOURCE: Texting & Sexting


Getting Help

FACTSHEET: The Connection Between Dating Violence & Unhealthy Behaviors

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1 is 2 Many PSA

1 is 2 Many PSA

PSA by the White House

RI Dating Abuse PSA

Digital Dating Abuse PSA

PSA by Rhode Island Attorney General

The Signs PSA

“The Signs” – Teen Dating Violence PSA

PSA by Digital Bodega


That’s Not Cool PSA